A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Firepit

Enhancing your backyard doesn’t get much better than installing new and fun amenities like streaming fountains, comfortable new lounge chairs or a stunning new patio set. However, nothing says modern and hip like installing a backyard firepit, a feature perfect for entertaining your friends and relaxing with loved ones. Unfortunately, many are capable of ruining their new outdoor fireplace before they’ve even owned it for long simply due to lack of information on how to properly use it. Here is a beginner’s guide to using your masonry fireplace the right way from the moment it’s installed.

First and foremost, it’s important that you don’t immediately put your fire to use right after construction is completed. It takes near to 28 days for the pit to cure properly, meaning you should give it time to settle before trying to light it up. Once the masonry has had time to set, then you can ease into the process of using your firepit by starting a low burning fire. Be extra cautious and only use about one or two logs at first, leaving it to slowly burn over the next 4-6 hours while you’re nearby to keep an eye on it. This allows any hidden moisture deep within the structure to dry out and further cement the stonework. 

Also, it’s crucial that you take varying temperatures into account any time you utilize the outdoor fireplace. Any time you plan to start a fire, always start it low burning first before building it higher and larger, especially if the temperature outside is cold. The change in temperature could potentially cause the flue liner or any surrounding exterior to crack simply due to the pressure. This also means not spraying your cold hose water on the roaring fire to put it out.

Staging an outdoor fireplace is a great way to enhance your backyard space for entertaining. However, ensuring proper usage of your firepit by following this guide is vital to its longevity.