3 Tips for Installing Flagstone Patios and Walkways

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s outdoor space, the natural look of flagstone is an attractive flooring option. Flagstone is versatile in that it can be used for many types of projects, and its rough surface provides great traction. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your patios and walkways with this type of stone.

Decide on Function

Flagstones generally have irregular shapes and textures but can also be cut more uniformly. One of the first steps when considering this stone is to figure out what its overall function will be. If you’re building a pathway to your front door, you might want to think about smooth, even stones as many different people, including those with mobility issues or delivery people carrying packages, will need access. If the flagstone is being used for a patio area that has furniture, evenly cut stone will be more supportive and easier to work with.

Determine Your Aesthetic

Next, it’s important to figure out the aesthetic you want. Are you looking for smooth, even pathways or do you want a more whimsical, natural cut look? Designing patios and walkways for the backyard is a bit more casual and gives you more freedom to be creative with flagstone. Think about what other objects and vegetation will share the space. Plants and gravel make great accents to flagstone, or perhaps you want a full outdoor room with furniture.

Source Locally

When sourcing flagstone, shopping locally is a big help. First, professionals can assess your project and help steer you toward the right cuts and thickness. Second, you’re more likely to find stone that complements your home environment. Most importantly, sourcing and working with local professionals ensures that you are able to get more of the same material should you run out or start work on a new project.

When using flagstone for your patios and walkways, your imagination is the limit. This versatile stone is a great addition to any outdoor space and provides texture and interest to your design.