The Colors of Your Patio Say a Lot About You

Much research has been devoted to the affect colors have on a person’s autonomic nervous system, as well as how colors reflect our psychological makeup. The location of the masonry surrounding your outdoor space may already be predetermined, but your choice of colors when considering patios doesn’t have to be!

Colors definitely convey messages. Depending on how and where they are used, the message may be to “hurry up”, often conveyed by the color red, or a more calming experience such as when surrounded by the color blue. Those that know you well may offer opinions about how well a color you choose for outdoor space is a good representation of the “true you.” Think about these personality traits when designing your outdoor space, and don’t forget any masonry you might be including. Consulting a professional will often save you time and money!

Black suggests an organized, sensitive and creative person. White conveys organization. People that prefer white like to avoid clutter. These folks are also seen as rationale thinkers. Red is considered passionate. Those preferring this bold color are often described as determined. Yellow connotes energy, a love of sharing and learning. Those preferring yellow to decorate patios are generally considered to be happy people. Some might attribute having a flashy, outgoing but laid-back personality to those liking red or yellow, actually orange is the color these people love.

If you are an artsy person, and consider yourself always an outlier, you might just favor the color purple. Blue represents harmony. If you are one that has found true inner peace and consider yourself compassionate, sensitive and reliable, blue is likely your color.  Check online for even more descriptors. Some colors may be more appropriate for sitting areas, while others may be better suited to surrounding masonry.

Patios are a place to relax – a quiet space for you to take in a bit of “me” time, or a place to enjoy family and friends. Taking the time to hire a professional when considering color choices may just reward you with a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment!